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What is Jai Kisan?

Jai Kisan is an Agri-Tech start up that fills the increasing void in solutions for ​the country's ​small and marginal farmers. India faces an ever increasing crisis to meaningfully service approximately 100 million small and marginal farmer households.

We live in an unusual economic system, where the farmers feeding the second largest population on the planet, are hardly able to feed their own families 2 meals a day. Today, the smallholder farmer sources his financial and agri-inputs at retail prices, uses legacy harvesting techniques for production and sells their produce at wholesale prices, resulting in consistent net losses.

At Jai Kisan, we believe we can combine a relentless and passionate team, world-class technology, and trusted partners to keep the farmer at the center of the agriculture value chain to create sustainable economic units to grow the rural economy. We aim to guide rural smallholder farmers into the Digital Age, become meaningful contributors to the rural economy, and forge strong communal bonds to bring back pride to the saying - ​​​​Jai Kisan!

Problem & Solution

Jai Kisan Model

Current Pilot Program

We are rolling out our pilot run in two proprietary locations in Satana Taluka, and in four other partner locations across Nashik district in India, keeping scaling of our operations, credit repayment trends, social characteristics and business capabilities in mind.

We are in the process of providing our full suite of services to 1000-2000 farmers, who on average own 4 acres. Currently, they are harvesting sugarcane, tomatoes, onions, okra, grapes, pomegranate, maize and bajra. We have partnered with financiers, farmer consultants and buyers to provide the farmer with a comprehensive solution.

Our Stakeholders

We work with various stakeholders in the agriculture value chain to yield numerous benefits for each player

Farmers (Marginal and Smallholder Focus)

  • Reducing financial and ag-input costs.
  • Increasing yield.
  • Increasing selling price.

Financiers (Banks/MFIs/Investors)

  • Increasing farmer repayment rates.
  • Data collection and customer analytics.
  • Expand user base for other financial services.

Ag-Input Companies

  • Significant decrease in overhead costs and unlock working capital.
  • Developing omnichannel and e-commerce capabilities.
  • Availability of usable/insightful data and customer feedback.

Buyers/Ag-Output Companies

  • Control and visibility on their inventory due to consistent and timely supply.
  • Decrease in customer acquisition costs, aggregation costs, overhead costs and tied up working capital.



Arjun Ahluwalia

Founder, CEO


Adriel Maniego

Co-Founder, COO


Ambadas Kusalkar


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